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DMV / VLF Request

DMV / VLF Requests

Title Processing

We are nationwide titling experts and understand the complexities and diverse national titling requirements. ATP is an authorized business partner with the California DMV. We are licensed and bonded to produce salvage certificates with a direct link to CA-DMV.

This enables us to convert your title to a salvage certificate the same day; we have one of the fastest title processing methods in the industry. We will make every effort to assist with missing or incomplete documents. Our proven track record and industry knowledge provides added value by identifying potential delays caused by missing or incomplete documents from lien holders and insureds.


Our Clients Enjoy

  • Nationwide DMV experts
  • Same day title to salvage certificate conversion 
  • Assistance with missing or incomplete documents
  • FREE vehicle license refund reports
  • Important alerts identified – outstanding parking tickets, fines or fees
  • Professional Training and support
  • Compliance with the latest DMV requirements

Keep In Mind

  • ATP provides free vehicle license refund reports FREE to our clients.
  • Verify Lien holder information
  • Confirm registered owner name or names
  • No marks or “white-out” on the original title is acceptable by DMV


VLF Request