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Towing & Transportation

Towing & Transportation

ATP provides the lowest rates for local and long distance towing

ATP Tow Truck

CTTA Members - DOT# 1584877 MC# 886222 -Fully licensed and Insured


Free towing for Insurance Clients

ATP does not charge our Insurance clients for towing vehicles that are sold to ATP. We manage towing costs by owning our own fleet of tow trucks. We are a Member of California Tow Truck Association and eliminate costs with better fleet management.

  • Annual savings based on an average of 1500 vehicles processed per year and an industry average of $75.00 per tow constitutes an annual savings of over $112,500.
  • Since we own and manage our own tow trucks, the savings are directly passed on – FREE TOWING

Tow-Only Program

The Tow Only program was designed to provide immediate movement of vehicles that need to be moved into a repair facility. Designed for the FAST movement of vehicles that require immediate movement from impound or the residence or into an approved repair facility. ATP provides lower; controlled tow-rates and immediate transportation of vehicles. This significantly reduces storage charges and ensures the vehicle will be moved within a 24 –hours. 

 Related savings include:

  • Eliminate excessive storage costs
  • Lower advance charge payout
  • Faster repairs
  • Lower Tow rates
  • Improved cycle times

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