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Archive for September 2015

Hurricane Joaquin Takes Aim at Bahamas

Storm Joaquin grew into a Category 1 hurricane as it bore down on the Bahamas, where warnings and watches are posted for the central and northwestern islands in the chain. The storm’s top winds now reach 75 miles (120 kilometers) … Source: Claims Journal

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New Report on Handling Quakes Caused by Fracking

A group of U.S. drilling states, seismologists, academics and industry experts issued guidance Monday in a frank new report on handling human-induced earthquakes caused by hydraulic fracturing or the disposal of fracking wastewater. The 150-page report, produced by the StatesFirst … Source: Claims Journal

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Law Professor Says SEC Enforcement Stats Padded

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s metrics for computing annual enforcement statistics are “deeply flawed,” making the agency falsely appear as though it is getting tougher every year, a new academic study concluded. The draft study by Emory University law … Source: Claims Journal

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Volkswagen to Recall Cars Connected to Emissions Scandal

Volkswagen announced plans on Tuesday to refit up to 11 million vehicles and overhaul its namesake brand to try to move on from the scandal over its cheating on diesel emissions tests. New Chief Executive Matthias Mueller said the German … Source: Claims Journal

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