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Archive for July 2018

Report: MH370 Was Likely ‘Manipulated’ Off Course

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, missing since 2014, was probably steered off course deliberately and flown to the southern Indian Ocean, according to the Malaysian government’s safety report into the disaster. MH370 vanished on March 8, 2014, en route to Beijing … Source: Claims Journal

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NTSB: Recordings Show Weather Change Before Duck Boat Sank

Video and audio recordings from a fatal tourist boat accident in Missouri show that the lake went from calm to deadly dangerous in a matter of minutes, the National Transportation Safety Board said Friday. The NTSB cited preliminary findings gathered … Source: Claims Journal

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Grand Teton Rock Crack Could Prove Dangerous

Simeon Caskey stood beneath the steep, boulder-strewn slope that looms over Hidden Falls, pointing out a rock wall with an ominous crack a few hundred feet (91 meters) overhead. The Grand Teton National Park ranger, who leads the park’s physical … Source: Claims Journal

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Crews Lament Longer Wildfire Season, Erratic Blazes

Exhausted and hungry, some 12,000 firefighters are working 24-hour shifts battling deadly California wildfires and becoming resigned to fire seasons that start earlier, burn longer and unleash increasingly unpredictable blazes. “There’s a lot going on up here, endless fires, and … Source: Claims Journal

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Weinstein Insurers Balk at Paying Legal Bills

Harvey Weinstein is locked in a messy battle with insurance companies over his steadily mounting legal bills. The insurance giant Chubb and other carriers that wrote liability policies for Weinstein and his film company are arguing in court that they … Source: Claims Journal

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Urban Sprawl, Climate Change Raise Wildfire Risk

A fire that started in a rural community in Northern California underscored a new reality in the state when days later it suddenly roared through neighborhoods on the edge of the city of Redding: Urban areas are increasingly vulnerable to … Source: Claims Journal

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