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Archive for December 2018

Top 5 Most Popular Claims Journal Articles of 2018

After highlighting the top 10 contributed articles and the top 10 videos/podcasts of 2018, we now look at the top 5 most popular articles of 2018 published by Claims Journal: Today is the Deadliest Day of the Year for Car … Source: Claims Journal

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Researchers Study Smart Home Security Threats

Say you’re on your laptop at Starbucks, minding your own business, when an acquaintance of yours across the room isn’t minding his. Unbeknownst to you, he’s using the same store Wi-Fi as you to conduct a virtual invasion of your … Source: Claims Journal

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Alaska Quake Underscores Problem With Seward Highway Rocks

The big earthquake that struck Southcentral Alaska on Nov. 30 dislodged several dump trucks’ worth of rocks and debris from the steep rock walls that line the Seward Highway along Turnagain Arm. The event underscored a problem well-known to state … Source: Claims Journal

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Claims Journal’s Top 10 Videos/Podcasts of 2018

Videos and podcasts published this year on IJTV’s Claims Journal channel generated an impressive 50,932 views and listens. Two podcasts on flood coverage highlight the continued focus on a private market. Listed below are the top 10 videos and podcasts … Source: Claims Journal

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