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Archive for June 2017

Fireworks Sparked 11,000 Injuries, 4 Deaths in 2016

The Fourth of July means fireworks across America and that can mean thousands of injuries and trips to hospital emergency wards. An estimated 7,600 of the total 11,000 fireworks-related injuries in 2016 were treated in hospital emergency departments during the … Source: Claims Journal

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Business News: EPS Settlements Group, NORCAL Mutual, Coverys

EPS Settlements Group Rebranded as Arcadia EPS Settlements Group recently announced the company’s refreshed brand, including its new name – Arcadia – and logo. Arcadia was born out of a desire to create long-term financial security and an improved quality … Source: Claims Journal

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How to Format a Claims Letter

How do you format a claims letter? Insurance companies seem to be in search of a reliable, reasonable format that will help their letters achieve a consistent, easy-to-read “look.” The following are some tips on gaining consistency in a business … Source: Claims Journal

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Researcher Identifies Cause of Fireworks-Related Eye Injuries

For years, most researchers thought July 4 fireworks-related eye injuries were likely caused by what’s called blast overpressure: that the pressure wave unleashed by the explosion increased the pressure in the eye, causing bleeding and even rupture of the eyeball. … Source: Claims Journal

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Trampolines: Bouncing Fun or Backyard Danger?

It’s summertime. What could be more fun than a group of children bouncing on a backyard trampoline? But, a look at statistics may change a parent’s mind. “Trampolines are a prime culprit in thousands of emergency department visits each year,” … Source: Claims Journal

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