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Archive for April 2022

California to Increase Awards in Medical Malpractice Cases

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — People who get hurt because of a doctor’s negligence in California could soon get a lot more money in malpractice lawsuits under an agreement reached Wednesday that — if approved by the state Legislature — would … Source: Claims Journal

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A Nasty I of the Storm: Ida is 12th I Hurricane Name Retired

There’s something about hurricanes starting with the letter I that is particularly nasty. Last year’s Ida now joins the list of storms so deadly their names don’t get used again. The World Meteorological Organization said Wednesday that it was retiring … Source: Claims Journal

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Big Progress on Wildfires, but Dangerous Winds on the Way

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Firefighters have been making significant progress Wednesday on the biggest wildfires burning unusually hot and fast for this time of year in the western United States. But forecasters from the Southwest to the southern High Plains … Source: Claims Journal

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3 California Highway Patrol Officers Hurt in Fiery Wreck

DOWNEY, Calif. (AP) — Three California Highway Patrol officers investigating a Los Angeles-area freeway crash were injured early Thursday when a motorist smashed into a CHP patrol car and it burst into flames, authorities said. The fiery wreck occurred around … Source: Claims Journal

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