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Archive for February 2016

California Gas Company Faces New Rules After Methane Leak

The gas-storage facility that spewed methane uncontrollably for almost four months, driving thousands of families from their homes, won’t resume operations until it has undergone tougher tests than ever required before, a process that will take months and perhaps even … Source: Claims Journal

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Oregon Mill Fire Caused by Electrical Malfunction

The Christmas fire that destroyed the historic Butte Creek Mill was caused by an electrical malfunction in the milling room, investigators have determined. After a two-month investigation, in which many theories were developed and tested, fire and insurance investigators determined … Source: Claims Journal

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Hoverboards Deemed Unsafe by U.S. Safety Agency

As more incidents of hoverboard-related fires make the news and the Consumer Product Safety Commission continues its investigation into the cause of the fires, pressure is mounting for manufacturers who face the threat of product seizure for failing to comply … Source: Claims Journal

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Officers Receive Training to Reduce Traffic-Related Deaths

Training showing police ways to reduce the chances of dying in a traffic-related incident included something as simple as buckling up. For 27-year police veteran Scott Slagle, the message provided during a recent training program in Delmont, Pa., was preaching … Source: Claims Journal

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